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Erotica Horror [May. 22nd, 2007|02:41 pm]
for those of us 'differently interested'


Title: A Dark Copper
Rating: NC-17
Warning: This ius erotica horror, it is disturbing and violent
Fetish: Blood play, oral fem dom
Word Count:751
Author: Me!

Blood swept into her dreams, her nightmares, her everything.

She couldn’t help it, the smell of copper and the sight of deep red sent her into convulsions where she had to stop whatever she was doing to touch herself: in malls, her car, at work, in her garden.

She could smell the sweet sent through the skin of her lover, being ever so careful not to truly hurt him, passion built behind her eye lids as she closed her dark eyes and breathed in the scent of his skin.

She liked him to lay naked on the bed next to her, hairless and vulnerable as she passed hands and lips over every inch of his skin. His flesh was soft and so breakable; she slid next to him and locked her teeth and lips around a portion sweeping her tongue over him until he trembled. She could feel his blood rushing just past her reach, just under the peachy cream that was his flesh.

She moved lower, cupping his testicles and his flaccid cock, so soft, almost a deep purple, so small, lying in the palm of her hand. She stroked it, from base to tip, blowing warm air over it, rolling it into her mouth. He was so soft and warm at first. Easy to push around, she pulled him deep into her throat until she almost gagged on him....

He felt so good in her mouth; her teeth grazed over him, begging her to bite down into the yielding mass that was ever so slightly quivering in her wet, heat. Shaking her head slightly she pushed the thought away and began to suck him slowly until he started to harden, she sucked faster and harder, wrapping her lips a little tighter around him, the hand that had been massaging his balls crept up to his base to begin pumping him in a slow rhythm.

Her own core became wet with the moans reaching her ears, but still she remained in control, trying to not hurt him, to not give into the temptation her teeth were begging for, the splash of red liquid flame on her tongue, sliding down her throat.

As her throat convulsed around him he jerked, thrusting deep into her mouth. Her hand speeding up, helping him she allowed him to come, a violent spasm of his seed searing down her throat. As she swallowed him it was as if a switch in her brain came on and she realized his seed was a poor substitute for the real liquid she had craved since she was a teenager.

She heard his words of love as she drew back and wiped her mouth off. She nodded to his thanks, and the compliments he always strew on her. Her mouth traced a luke warm path back to the giving tissue of his stomach.

She closed her eyes as his sighs of contentment whispered across her skin. She opened her lips, her pink tongue darting out to lick his salty skin; slowly she drew his skin into her mouth and began to lap at it. He began to shiver, his cock growing hard again at the feel of her mouth on his skin.

Finally the screams in her mind became to much and she bit down, she felt him tense, her hands came up and pinned him as her teeth sank in deep and hard, bruising his tender flesh. His hands came up, trying in vain to pull her off of him, his dick still hard, straining as the pain became a form of pleasure.

She cried out as she heard the pop of breaking skin and blood rushed into her mouth. He cried out above her, coming again even as tears welled in his eyes at the pain and pleasure that had been forced upon him.

It tasted better than she had imagined, the dark copper dripping down her throat, spilling over her taste buds, she drew it out of him until he began to protest. She ran her tongue once more over the jagged wounds she had created and pulled away, lips stained crimson; she smiled at the dazed look on his face. She backed away from him, to lean against the wall and contently lick her lips....A new feeling filling her chest, her eyes burning with a bright fever.

As his daze wore off the last thing he saw before the fear took over was her look of hunger as she advanced towards him.