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Vivaine Stories - ++Deliciously Dark++ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
for those of us 'differently interested'

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Vivaine Stories [Jan. 30th, 2007|07:59 pm]
for those of us 'differently interested'


This is the sixth part of a series here are the links in order to how they should be read.
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Title: Vivaine Part 6
Rating: NC 17
Warning: Girl on Girl bondage, cutting, anal penetration, whipping
Author: me

Vivaine walked into the room where there were five women waiting for her. Her hair was platinum blonde and her eyes were ice blue. She wore a black business suit and matching stiletto heals. Some of the women gasped, only recognizing her by some of her features and the way her presence filled the room. Other’s new her because this was how she looked when she first met them.

Viviane smiled, her white teeth flashing briefly behind blood red painted lips. She walked up to the first girl. A dark haired girl with purple streaks and blue eyes, the girl had long legs and was wearing nothing but a bra and under wear. She had been broken one night in an alley. She stared at the ground.

“Yes Mistress?” She asked.

“Misti.” Vivaine purred at her newest toy. She put a long red nail under the girls chin and smiled at her, a cold unforgiving smile. “I wish to be entertained tonight.” She told her, relishing in the fear that shown in Misti’s eyes.

“Yes Mistress.” Misti agreed.

“I want you as part of the entertainment my little bitch.” Vivaine smiled and snapped her fingers. Quickly two of the other girls came forward and grabbed Misti. Misti shrieked as she was dragged to the wall at the far end of the room. She was tied, arms above her head, breasts raised high in the air, and legs spread apart as far as they would go.

“No, please….please.” She begged, tears streaming down her cheeks

“Shall we gag her Mistress?” One of the girls asked.

“Yes Tabitha.” Viviane smiled. Tabitha was short with large breasts, hips an ass. Curvy and very goddess like. She had topaz coloured eyes and dark hair. Tonight she was in a long bronze coloured skirt with slits up the size showing an expanse of her legs when she walked. She had on no shirt with star shaped nipple shields on.

Tabitha whipped out a black silk gag and quickly gagged Misti. “Shut up or she’ll make us hurt you.” She whispered quickly to Misti who was still struggling.

“Shall we strip her Mistress?” Asked Sam. Sam was tall with curly red hair and bright green eyes. She had pale white skin covered in freckles. She wore a white teddy with matching garters and crotchless panties.

“Yes Sam.” Vivaine said, crossing the room. She sat five feet away from the girl on the wall, lounging back in a huge soft red chair. She undid the buttons on her skirt and it fell away to reveal their mistress pale legs and shapely thighs and small black thong covering a perfect vagina. She undid the buttons on her suit jacket letting it fall away as well. She spread her legs and began to lightly stroke herself through the fabric of the thong.

One of the other girls started to move towards her and then stopped, bowing her head, ashamed. Viviane turned her head to look at the last two girls standing near the wall.
“Absinthe my pet come here.” She said to the one who had tried to come to her.

The girl was thin with high perky breasts and slim hips, and long limbs. She had dark auburn hair cut to below her chin, pointed ears and a pointed nose, almost fey like in appearance. She was wearing a pale pink sun dress, her nipples showing through and Vivaine new she would have on no underwear.

Absinthe came over to her and sat down next to her in the large chair, wrapping her lithe frame around Vivaine’s. Vivaine casually stroked her hair, and looked back at Misti’s trembling form.

“I want to watch you each cum tonight.” She said and motioned the last girl forward. “Mae, you’ll enjoy this tonight won’t you, my little pain starter.” She said to Mae. Mae was extremely thin and tall with short black hair and dark brown eyes. Viviane had picked her up at a rather gothic club. She had nipple piercing and a tattoo on her ass.

“Whatever you want Mistress.” She said, beginning to smile. Mae was in leather pants and there was a flogger attached to her hips. Her breasts were bare and her nipple rings shown in the light.

Vivaine leaned back a little. “Sam, fuck Tabitha.” She gave the command and sat back.

Absinthe’s hand wandered up to playfully squeeze Vivaine’s breasts. “Good girl Absinthe and this is why you’re my favoured one.” She sighed, leaning into the girls embrace, to watch.

Sam turned to Tabitha and pushed her up against the wall. She kissed her forcing her tongue into Tabitha’s mouth. One hand reaching up to cup Tabitha’s breasts and the other sliding down her stomach. Sam moaned into Tabitha’s mouth as she bunched the girls skirt’s up around her waist and pushed her fingers into Tabitha’s wet folds.

Tabitha bucked beneath Sam’s fingers as she felt them pressing into her, delving deeper into her core. She had to grip the other girl’s hips for support as two of Sam’s fingers suddenly jammed into her, pressing into her, sliding in and out of her wet pussy, causing her hips to push against her.

Sam grinned and pulled the other girl away from the wall she turned her around and leaned her over the footstool that matched Viviane’s chair. Vivaine groaned as she saw Tabitha’s round ass, knees far enough apart to see her moist and slick cunt. She tossed Sam the black strap on, “Fuck her.” She moaned as Absinthe’s hands slipped under her thong to stroke her.

Sam nodded and bent behind Tabitha. She pressed her face between her legs and gave her a good lick causing Tabitha to moan and wiggle her tempting ass. Tabitha pushed against Sam’s face, moaning in pleasure and in embarrassment that she was wet and whimpering in front of so many people.

Sam slid on the phallice and gripped Tabitha’s hips. Without any warning she plunged into Tabitha’s wetness causing the other girl to buck and scream out. Sam held her down, thrusting in and out, the sound making wet thumping sounds that caused all the women in the room to moan a little.

Sam pounded Tabitha into the foot stool, Tabitha moaning, screaming, begging for release as her womb clenched around the hard shaft fucking her. Sam was panting breathing hard, the phallice pushing into her clit as she fucked Tabitha’s glistening cunt. She was starting to lose her pace, her own orgasm building inside of her. Tabitha was bucking underneath her, calling out her name and wave after wave of pain and pleasure shot through her as the cock hit into her again and again.

“You don’t cum until I say so.” Viviane smiled, gasping a little as Absinthe’s fingers parted her nether lips and slipped inside her heated and slippery pussy.

“Please Mistress.” Sam begged, thrusting into Tabitha again, the other girl was moaning, her hand in her own cunt, stimulating herself so that she could cum faster, trembling with the need to release. Sam’s hand were digging into Tabitha’s ass, causing half moon circles to fill with blood and run down in between her legs as the sweat from Sam’s brow dripped on the fine roundness of Tabitha’s ass.

“Now.” Viviane said as Absinthe succeeded in bringing on Viviane’s own small orgasm, as tiny pleasure waves ran through her she watched Sam and Tabitha climax. It was violent. Vivaine shuddered and she watched as Sam gave one that brutal thrust and gripped Tabitha’s hips as her whole body shook with the force of her orgasm. Tabitha cried out, screaming wordlessly and toppled over, Vivaine could see her cunt gushing with fluid, trickling out over the black phallice. Both girls moaned and then were silent. Sam slipped out of Tabitha and collapsed on the floor next to the footstool.

“Mistress I believe they deserve reward.” Mae said, clapping, her eyes bright with desire.

“I agree Mae.” Vivaine smiled, like a happy cat. “What do you think Absinthe?” She asked.

“Yes, a treat.” She agreed.

“Get up both of you.” Vivaine told them. When they had stood she smiled and motioned them over to her. She kissed each one gently on the lips, bestowing praise and words of love on them until each one glowed in pleasure and happiness.

“Now go, bathe and sleep.” She told them. The girls nodded and quickly left the room.

“I do not know if we can compete with that.” Mae told her Mistress.

“You can and you will.” Vivaine said simply, one of her own hands, slipping down to cup Absinthe’s bottom.

“All right.” Mae smiled and nodded and walked over to Misti. “The flogger?” She asked.

“Not tonight pet.” Vivaine looked thoughtful. “The riding crop and your tongue.” She smiled slowly.

Mae just nodded and walked towards Misti, Misti was trembling. Watching Sam fuck Tabitha had left her damp and aching. She didn’t want Mae or Vivaine to know, they would just use it against her.

Mae slowly stepped out of her leather pants so that she was naked. She went over to a closet and pulled out a black riding crop. She stalked back over to Misti and quickly slapped it against the girl’s nipples, causing pain and tingling to radiate through her whole body. Misti cried out but it was muffled against the gag.

Mae brought the riding crop up and very gently began to hit her between the legs, smack after smack, and whip after whip. Vivaine dug her finger nails into Absinthe’s back as each hit sent a tingle through her own body.

Mae began to smile as with each hit the sound began to make a slight squishing nose like hitting cloth or skin when it’s wet. Misti trembled, fear and arousal soaring through her every pore.

“I think the little cunt likes it.” Mae grinned; she walked up to Misti and bent in front of her, far enough away so Vivaine could see her. Mae reached up and parted her folds wide so that they could all see the cream seeping out of her and how red, swollen and ready she was. Mae laughed and blew air across her causing Misti to jump and her whole body to shake.

Mae slid two fingers into her, pushing them in and pulling them out, in and out, making slick wet noises. Misti tried to move away from the intrusion, feeling angry and upset and then Mae slid another finger in and Misti’s whole body convulsed and she ground back down on Mae’s hand, tears leaking from her eyes, her teeth biting into the gag.

Mae smiled and quickly replaced her fingers with her tongue diving in viciously, licking and biting, using teeth, tongue and lips on the girl. Misti tried to scream but couldn’t breathe, terror and pleasure washing over her, building her up and bringing her back down. Mae’s ass was up in the air, Misti’s juices flowed down her face, in her mouth and she worked on her bringing her to the brink with just her tongue and face, but her own snatch was wet and ready as well. Vivaine bit her lips watching Mae’s ass thrust in and out in time with her tongue.

“Absinthe, the flogger.” She whispered to her toy. The girl nodded and stood. She took Mae’s flogger and with delicate expertise began to hit Mae’s ass with it. Mae jerked once in surprise but then moaned. The heat of the moan against Misti’s abused clit sent her over the edge and she climaxed, clenching around Mae’s tongue, her knees gave out as hot boiling passion washed through her. The straps held her up as she convulsed into Mae’s mouth.

But still Mae kept on, brutally pleasuring her as Absinthe set the leather flogger on her ass cheeks, making them red and sore. The leather hitting her ass made a sound that had Viviane pushing her own fingers into herself, rubbing herself towards climax as she watched Misti try and scream, plead through the gag to stop. Viviane’s fingers began to become frantic as small climax and after climax racked through the girl and she was helpless to stop it.

Mae began to tremble as Vivaine noticed the welts on her ass were beginning to bleed. As soon as Vivaine saw the blood her own orgasm ripped through her causing her eyes to roll back and her body to jerk upwards as her breath left. “Cum Mae, fucking cum!” She cried out, eyes searching for Mae’s ass.

Mae jerked as the flogger hit her with a wet thud one last time and she shuddered, biting into the soft flesh of Misti’s vagina, she trembled and came, quiet like always, but gushing, letting the whole floor under her know she’d been there. Vivaine watched happily as Mae dropped to the ground, mouth wet and red with Misti’s fluids and the floor under her wet with their combined juices.

Misti was sagging, eyes fluttering, moaning a little through the gag. Vivaine smiled and climbed off her chair to gently stroke Mae’s ass. “That’s a good girl.” She cooed and leaned down licking off some of the blood and blowing cool air against her skin. Mae shuddered and Vivaine stood up.

“Absinthe, see that they are bathed and put to bed.” She told the girl. “Then come to my room.” She smiled and turned to leave. Absinthe smiled behind her back knowing now the true pleasure would start.

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