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Brushes for Photoshop 5.0

(Background (if need be): Artist/Model/Photographer/Web Design/Freelancing Fiend...working slowly but surely at getting a new version of my website up and running...old hard drive was stolen and previous web account hacked so I'm stuck working from scratch on my soon-to-be hubby's PC...using Photoshop as the main program for all graphics and photo editing/manipulating/general pimping.)

My fiancee's PC has an earlier version of Photoshop than I'm used to, and it's been difficult getting acclimated to it. I'm not thrilled with what I am (and am not, compared to more recent versions) able to do with it, but I'll use it anyway because I'm too cheap (*cough*BROKE*cough*) to get a newer/better version I've been trying to hunt down some good brushes and textures, but it seems as though the CS and 7.0+ versions of Photoshop dominate the downloads. I've found maybe 10 brush sets in my travels that work with my version and are worth using. I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me out since I'm just about exhausted with searching. Can anybody point me toward some sites, collectives, or artists with interesting, original, and high quality brushes made for Photoshop 5.0? If anyone has any of their own, that would be great as well. If you have some of your own and you're willing to hook me up, those will definitely get used for the page and I guarantee it would earn you a credit and link in the main navigation of my site. I'm cool like that.

Apologies if any community I posted this to finds this off-topic; if I posted it here I already check the rules to make sure it's cool, and it's only because I thought the other members of this particular community would be in the know.
Thanks in advance to anybody who lends a helping hand.

X-posted: All over the place, in my journal and numerous related communities.

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