Leaving a Mark

I'm a writer (duh) and poet (ooh!) I've been brainstorming a short story/poetry collection for some time now, based on my reactions to the work of a brilliant writer named Destiny West. Her short stories and poetry are horrific and erotic, and leave you disgusted, but enticed, and feeling a twinge of guilt for enjoying them so much. I wanted to write dark erotic-horror fiction like that, and so here I am, brainstorming away for over a year. I've finally finished my first (and most tame, out of all of them) selection, entitled "Leaving a Mark," and while it's not outright "horror," it has its dark aspects, and I wanted to share it.

For anyone who's been keeping up on the progress of this story and all of its related posts (1, 2, 3), you'll know that I started it after an encounter with an acquaintance of mine (it's based very loosely, mind you!) over a year ago and I've been working on it furiously. I wasn't sure to end it and I polled everyone here in my LJ. After some internal arguing with myself as to which direction I wanted the ending to go in, I finally buckled down while I was at work the last few weeks and finished it. I'm still thinking that it's going to need a revision or twelve before submitting it anywhere or publishing it in my collection, but nonetheless, I have it here in its entirety to share with everyone now that I'm finally done with it.

Without further adieu, let me present to you...

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In the (hopefully near) future, look for a newer, shorter short story called "First Time for Everything." I consider it a cautionary tale of young affection and adolescent confusion, and the lengths we're willing to go to in order to please the one we love. Best of all? It has two alternate endings, and you'll get both of them when I post!


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A Wakefield man lost his appetite when he found "dog shit" listed among the ingredients on a packet of ham.

Mick Woods, 34, examined another of the 300g containers and saw the same 'additive' listed on the label.

And he admitted: "Obviously I haven't eaten it. It sort of puts you off."

His partner Tracey, 28, bought the 99p packs of cooked, sliced ham from a store near their home.

The dad-of-three added: "We spent 40 minutes laughing. But we haven't put any in the kids' sandwiches and we had something else for our tea."

Manufacturer H R Hargreaves & Son said it axed an employee over the labeling prank and was trying to recall the ham.

A spokesman for the Manchester firm said: "We can't have people fooling about with food products. A number of packs are affected. We're trying to find out what shops they're in."
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I was going to post some vomit porn, but instead here's Rubber Johnny, (CLICK THE PICTURE), which I think is apropriate...

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